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Thread: Our Cricket Heroes - Harold Larwood

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    Our Cricket Heroes - Harold Larwood

    Our Cricket Heroes - Harold Larwood
    Over the coming months staff members will be looking at their heroes - Martin begins the series with a profile of the Notts Express, Harold Larwood.
    by Martin Chandler

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    Admirable precis of Lol's life and times. Nice to see his test career put into the wider context of the FC game too.

    Intrigued to discover who the other staffers will choose for their heroes. Might hazard a guess for Corrin's...
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    Already wrote a piece or two about him tbf

    Great piece as ever from Martin, though, really interesting read and I liked this simple paragraph:

    When, as it often is, the topic of fast bowling is discussed in the context of the word 'greatness' many, particularly those interested only in the modern era, simply turn to their books of statistics and point to Larwood's overall Test record of 78 wickets in 21 matches at more than 28 apiece. Those figures are, for them, sufficient to dismiss Larwood from the discussion. To overlook Larwood in that way is, however, a fundamental mistake. In Larwood's time international cricket was a batsman's game, particularly in Australia, where wickets were prepared for heavy run scoring in timeless matches, which is the main reason for the dearth of genuine fast bowlers in the period.

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    Yes a really good read
    You know it makes sense.

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