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Thread: A conspiracy or not a conspiracy ?

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    A conspiracy or not a conspiracy ?

    A conspiracy or not a conspiracy ?
    The legality of some bowling actions has caused controversy from time to time since the game began. Here we go back nearly half a century to look at the case of Ian Meckiff and how he was treated.
    by Martin Chandler

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    Genuinely fascinating and well-written piece. Its author presents the facts and records the public pronouncements by the various parties involved as they are and allows them to speak for themselves before finally offering his own thoughts. Doesn't indulge in the kind of psychological speculation that afflicts so much sports writing nowadays.

    Hope CW will revisit interesting topics of the past more often.
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    Yep great piece fred.

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    Really interesting bit of writing there, fred.

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    It has always been an interesting case, with plenty of circumstantial evidence for the conspiracy theorists.

    I was hopeful that when the Don passed on further evidence would come to light but nothing definitive has been said still.

    Meckiff has made a comment about the 15 degree rule, saying there would not have been a fuss.

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    Quality article - a great read.
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