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Thread: Analysis of amount of cricket played

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    Analysis of amount of cricket played

    So... I was thinking about the amount of cricket played at the moment, and I wanted to get an idea how players within and between countries played. I also wanted to see how players in and out of the team compared to those completely in it. But what I didn't want was just numbers of matches, I wanted to think also about the amount of time playing.

    I've had a look at doing this for Australia, and I thought I'd post to get people's opinions on how I've done it before I do the same for other teams, and hopefully I can use any suggestions and then complete for the other international teams.

    How I calculated:
    I have added extra days to the match length, to take account of training directly associated with the match. I have used the following (from looking at what the players seem to be up to). What I'm least sure about is whether the list A should be 2 days.
    - test match = 7 days
    - ODIs = 3 days
    - T20I = 2 days
    - FC match = length+1 day (eg usually 5 days)
    - List A = 3 days
    - T20 = 2 days
    I have used 27th September as the cut-off date, so it's not yet quite a year. But I hope it will be once I've finished the analysis.
    I have used all players who have represented Australia on at least one occasion.

    - I haven't included the 12th man
    - How can I actually display my spreadsheet well?

    What I want to do but haven't
    - Add in a column to show days away on tour but not included in the playing section. I think this is going to be labour intensive.

    Here is the data...

    Constructive criticism would be very welcome

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    Things I noticed from what I’ve done…

    Australia have used 39 players in the last year, that definitely surprised me.
    Mitchell Johnson really has played a lot more than the other bowlers
    Adam Voges has played more days than Mike Hussey (due to his county commitments)
    Watson and Siddle were injured for significant periods, but have played a similar amount of cricket as White, Ferguson and North.
    The top players do play a lot.

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