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Thread: Golden Moments In Cricket

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    Quote Originally Posted by slugger View Post
    Got to love this Shane Warne vs Bryan Young.

    YouTube - Shane Warne Vs Bryan Young
    Warne was magical in that phase of his career, but I have to say that's a pretty atrocious way of playing spin by Young there. Looked clueless.

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    Second Round Inputs

    Thanks everyone for their invaluable inputs. I would like to make a special mention of subshakerz who has made multiple contributions . Those are all Gold Mines.

    Here’s my Second Round contribution .

    Link : YouTube - sachins one of the best innings

    Sachin at His Magical Best

    Link: YouTube - Ashraful`s 94 off 52 vs England

    Ashraful’s Super Knock against England

    Link: YouTube - Saeed Anwar's 194 vs India

    Saeed Anwar's World Record 194 vs India

    Hope you are all enjoying the Golden Moments.

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    cricket world

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    I don't really think of an innings or a spell of bowling when talking about great moments. I tend to think of a split-second event that maybe changed a game, summed up perfectly a whole career, or was simply awesome enough in itself to be fantastically memorable.

    Shane Warne to Andrew Strauss at Edgbaston, 2005 did all three.
    Quote Originally Posted by indiaholic View Post
    Ireland on the other hand are everything that is good and just and beautiful in this world.

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    thanks for sharing, guys

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    Don't be jealous of the Georgie Pie super smash
    Regarding sobers six sixes - it was against Macolm Nash. I ended up playing a game of club cricket against Nash. I thought he was a really good bowler.
    Before I faced him someone pointed him out to me and said - thats the guy that hit for six sixes. What a thing to live with for the rest of your life.

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