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Thread: Golden Moments In Cricket

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    Quote Originally Posted by slugger View Post
    Got to love this Shane Warne vs Bryan Young.

    YouTube - Shane Warne Vs Bryan Young
    Warne was magical in that phase of his career, but I have to say that's a pretty atrocious way of playing spin by Young there. Looked clueless.

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    Second Round Inputs

    Thanks everyone for their invaluable inputs. I would like to make a special mention of subshakerz who has made multiple contributions . Those are all Gold Mines.

    Here’s my Second Round contribution .

    Link : YouTube - sachins one of the best innings

    Sachin at His Magical Best

    Link: YouTube - Ashraful`s 94 off 52 vs England

    Ashraful’s Super Knock against England

    Link: YouTube - Saeed Anwar's 194 vs India

    Saeed Anwar's World Record 194 vs India

    Hope you are all enjoying the Golden Moments.

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    cricket world

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    I don't really think of an innings or a spell of bowling when talking about great moments. I tend to think of a split-second event that maybe changed a game, summed up perfectly a whole career, or was simply awesome enough in itself to be fantastically memorable.

    Shane Warne to Andrew Strauss at Edgbaston, 2005 did all three.

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    thanks for sharing, guys

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    Don't be jealous of the Georgie Pie super smash
    Regarding sobers six sixes - it was against Macolm Nash. I ended up playing a game of club cricket against Nash. I thought he was a really good bowler.
    Before I faced him someone pointed him out to me and said - thats the guy that hit for six sixes. What a thing to live with for the rest of your life.

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