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Thread: An Open Letter to the ICC - A Cricket Tragic

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    An Open Letter to the ICC - A Cricket Tragic

    An Open Letter to the ICC - A Cricket Tragic
    Is Test cricket becoming less of a contest between bat and ball? Are flat pitches ruining the longer form of the game? Svaranjeet wonders if Test cricket is becoming so batsman-friendly it verges on boring.

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    That's magical stuff.

    One can only hope with naive and probably misplaced optimism that the ICC takes some notice of sentiments like this.
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    Brilliant read, SJS. Really, really hope that the ICC take notice and acknowledge this instead of conceding to the masses

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    Good read. Though as Irfan just suggested that it would be going against the 'masses'.

    I reckon that it is just a lamentable reality of the future game.
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    Fantastic read, I love this line:
    not such great fun to see every Tom, Dick and Harbhajan do the same

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    Oh yes SJSSSS. You have smashed the nail on its head with this one.

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