Pittsy's latest 2nd team report:


Sometimes cricket sucks. Just ask any Canadian cricketer who played in that inglorious World Cup match against Sri Lanka (did Shaw Cable give any pay-per-view refunds for that catastrophe?). North Shore had one of those days (well not quite as bad) when nothing goes according to plan from start to finish. It was ugly and embarrassing and the only saving grace was that the terraces were not filled with beer drinking North Shore supporters.

The day began badly. Both openers, Pitts and Gunaratna the younger, were sucking wind back on the sidelines by the third over. Recovery seemed a distinct possibility with J. Sandher and R. Cannon at the crease. But a horrid mix-up that saw both batsmen steaming at the same end saw Ryan’s tenure come to an untimely end. In all honesty, that’s where North Shore’s day ended. The fickle finger of fate sat itself squarely in the Lomas camp for the day – not one break went to the home team. Well maybe one – Captain Gunaratna was bowled off a Wunsche no-ball, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to capitalize on this. Tony Fonseka looked set to take on the bowling but was adjudged caught behind to a ball he didn’t get near. The snickometer definitely went off but we could have driven the lawnmower through the gap between bat and ball. Jason was the only spark, striking an aggressive even 50, but decided he’d had enough and got himself out with 15 overs left, to an indiscriminate reverse reverse standing sweep. Apparently this shot is played from three feet outside off stump. Jason paid me $10 not to mention this in the report but I cannot be bought. Actually I can, it just costs a lot more beer than $10 can buy. Sorry Jay.

Chasing a meager 120, Meralomas opening bats, Brady and Williams, got stuck into the chase by hitting Mits out of the attach after of expensive overs. With dark clouds building, the home team’s vaunted spin attack was introduced. While there were a few tidy overs of finger spin sent down, at no stage did North Shore look like gaining a breakthrough and making a game of it. As drizzle fell the task at hand was made more difficult by a wet greasy ball. But unless early wickets are falling 120 is a challenge to defend, whether the ball is wet, dry or illegally tampered with.

As North Shore slumbered Meralomas run up the score. It may be true that Brady and Williams did not attend the Greg Chappell School Of Batting Elegance, but they were clinically effective in blunting the bowling. A ten wicket loss was on the cards until a long hop from Lasantha saw Williams caught at square leg by Ejaz Chaudhry for 51. A couple of maximums later and it was all over for another weekend.

I have one beef with the merry men from Meralomas: they travel to our home turf, scoff down our tea, and then spank us like we’re a bunch of amateurs playing against pros. This is just not right. When North Shore venture down to Connaught we eat their tea, drink their beer, and always lose gracefully. We expect this to change next season.


This weeks votes:
Batting: 3: J. Sandher 2: R. Cannon 1: T. Fonseka
Bowling: 3: L. Deheragoda 2: Vohara Gunaratna 1: Vas Gunaratna
Fielding: 3: R. Hehar 2: R. Cannon 1: E. Chaudhry

19: E. Chaudhry 18: M. Nakagawa 16: Vohara Gunaratna 13: D. Pitts 13: Vas Gunaratna 12: T. Fonseka 12: R. Cannon 10: L. Deheragoda 9: J. Hughes 9: R. Hehar 8: H. Mastin 6: D. Hughes 6: J. Doudle 6: T. Reitsema 5: B. Hack 4: J. Sandher 3: R. Pressly 3: A. Dixon 3: C. Cannon 2: M. Perera 1: D. Monteiro 1: S. Nasser