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Thread: 50 Caps for Colly!

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    50 Caps for Colly!

    50 Caps for Colly!
    So often it is the usual headline makers that are once again grabbing the attention when Ashes' series get underway. Shane Warne, Andrew Flintoff, Kevin Pietersen, Glenn McGrath, a few that have dominated the back (and front) pages in recent years, prior to that a glamorous list that includes names such as Botham, Lillee, Larwood, Laker, Bradman, Border, Hobbs, WG Grace, etc.

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    Great read. Colly is actually having a fine series to far, averaging around 60, three fifties in four innings.

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    Or something.

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    Yeah Collingwood has had a good series so far, we probably wouldn't of managed the draw in the first test without him.
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    No probably about it tbh.

    Never liked Collingwood that much really, but doing a darn good job at the mo. Just hope he doesn't run into a rough patch for the rest of the series.

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    That effort in Cardiff made Colly for me. I finally forgave him for Adelaide!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oli Norwell View Post
    That effort in Cardiff made Colly for me. I finally forgave him for Adelaide!
    He needed forgiveness for scoring 228 runs for once out in a losing cause?
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    C'mon Man U.
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