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Thread: England Test Matches Next Year

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    England Test Matches Next Year

    I believe, not 100% that next year England have test matches against Bangladesh and Pakistan?
    Can anybody tell me where these tests are to be played and when i can get hold of ticket information becasue i would really like to go to an England Test next year

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    Not sure on dates, but there are also going to be two Tests and two T20 internationals between Pakistan and Australia in England next summer.
    Or something.

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    Can't help with the dates yet, but the venues are in here.

    Tests v Bangladesh: TBC, Headingley Carnegie
    ODIs: Edgbaston, Trent Bridge, Bristol

    Tests v West Indies: Lord’s, Trent Bridge, Edgbaston, Brit Oval
    ODIs v West Indies: Rose Bowl, Brit Oval, Headingley Carnegie, Durham, Lord's.

    ODIs v Australia: Cardiff, Rose Bowl, Brit Oval, Lord's, Old Trafford

    International Twenty20s: TBC

    Twenty20 finals day: Rose Bowl

    Friends Provident Trophy final: Lord’s
    Just replace West Indies with Pakistan.

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    Only six Tests next year? Is that why the Aussies are coming for 5 ODIs, or is that series the reason for the missing Test?

    (if that makes sense)

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    England will also be hosting 2 match test series between Pakistan & Aus.

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    The eight Tests scheduled for next year will be the most played in an English season since the Triangular Tournament of 1912 when nine were played (and those were three days duration IIRC).

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    What, we're playing the West Indies again? No wonder we've invited the Aussies back over.

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