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Thread: Your country's 'One Caps Wonders' XI

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    A couple spring to mind for the WI, and both are from Trinidad....

    Andy Ganteaume and Victor Stollmeyer.

    the former scored a century, and the latter 96, and neither played for the WI again.

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    Happy to let other NZers fill the rest of the gaps. I got bored:

    1) Peter Truscott - never heard of him
    2) Rodney Redmond - certainly the most famous of NZ's one-cap wonders. Scored a famous century for NZ v Pakistan in 1972/3 but eye problems meant he lost all form on the tour of England, never to be selected again.
    3) Richard Jones - a journeyman on the NZ domestic circuit who lacked the technique or mental willpower to succeed at international level.

    8) Andre Adams - a remarkably successful solo test, but a failure to see eye to eye with coach John Bracewell meant the death warrant for his test career was signed pretty early.
    9) Greg Loveridge - the leg-spinner who never bowled a ball in test cricket thanks to a broken finger while he was batting. Got the yips a year or two later and went on to study at Cambridge University. He now runs one of Sir Bob Jones' main companies.
    10) Gary Robertson - a bowling average of 91 speaks wonders...

    11) David Sewell - Sewelly is one of NZ domestic cricket's nice guys and oozed potential early in his career, but only got one crack at a test career when called in as a late replacement for a Zimbabwe tour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredfertang View Post
    Sorry Mr Z - can't recall mentioning him before - shouldn't be a sore point though - as a fellow Fred I have a great deal of respect for Fred Tate who quite wrongly got the blame for Englands sorry defeat at Old Trafford

    Fred Tate's bowling figures in the second innings at Old Trafford - sadly forever overlooked when discussing his contribution to that game.

    From an Australian point of view, Roy Park could possibly claim to be Australia's equivalent of poor Fred, though for slightly different reasons. He was picked for the Test in Melbourne in 1920/21, was bowled first ball in his only innings and never played for Australia again. Legend has it that his wife, in the crowd, dropped her knitting and bent down to pick it up at that very moment - and so missed her husband's entire Test career.
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    C'mon Man U.
    RIP Craigos

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    Surely there should be an honourable mention too for another doctor, Otto Nothling, the Man Who Replaced Bradman? Or at least took his place at number 7 for the 2nd Test of the 1928-29 series. Did rather better than the Don did first time out, but was never tried again.

    Hans Ebeling made a debut in the final Test of the 1934 series and didn't do too badly at all - five for 130 in a high-scoring match - but years later became better known as the original organiser of the 1977 Centenary Test.

    And if it's too early to call time on McGain's career, I'd like to see John Watkins in the Australian spinner's spot - had a pretty similar time of it (but bowled mercifully fewer overs). His main contribution came with the bat as he added 83 with Bob Massie.

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    Nothling was also a good rugby player. I don't remember much about his career at all but I remember seeing him in a book on the 100 greatest Wallabies

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    Quote Originally Posted by shivfan View Post
    A couple spring to mind for the WI, and both are from Trinidad....

    Andy Ganteaume and Victor Stollmeyer.

    the former scored a century, and the latter 96, and neither played for the WI again.
    As I understand it, Ganteaume didn't play again because he wasn't the type to kow-tow to the whites and he had irritated them by ignoring their instructions. Stollmeyer didn't because he gave up cricket during the war, unlike his brother. Lots of people thought Victor was better than Jeff, or at least had more mental discipline.

    It is impossible- literally impossible- to do a one-cap wonder team for Zimbabwe.
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