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Thread: **Official** India In West Indies

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingkallis View Post
    Fazeer was spot on when he said that Taylor can never be used as a death option! Windies need Collymore in situations like this...
    Collymore was never that good, Rampaul had to bowl the last over but Gayle made another questionable decision, I know they guy motivates the team to a big degree but regarding tactics and decisions on the field he can get them wrong. Rampaul had bowled a good over before that except for the no ball. Gayle effectively lost that ODI for us backing a guy who was bowling so poorly at that stage and has done for a while.

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    dhoni has become very, very consistent over the past couple of years...and an awesome closer...

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    WI 27/1 in 7.3 overs. Wet wet wet. Going by comments on Cricinfo, there may be no more play.
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    The last ODI is marred by rain. The real interest is abt India being on the verge of its 5th successive ODI series win. The only way this cannot happen is if the WI win to tie the series

    Looking at the positives of the series from an Indian PoV, Karthik and Nehra have done well after being drafted in to the squad .... Dhoni seems to have got back some form. I read somewhere that he averages over 90 in ODIs this year! And he is only the 3rd batsman to have a career average of over 50 in ODIs from those who have played a certain number of ODIs. The others I guess are Bevan and Hussey

    For the future couple of ODI tours, India would do well to mix those who have done well here with some of those regulars who would be coming back in to the squad

    A squad like the one below would make sense for the tri-series in SL and the Champions Trophy

    - Tendulkar
    - Sehwag
    - Gambhir
    - Yuvi
    - Karthik
    - Dhoni

    With a top 6 like the above, I would be tempted to play 5 specialist bowlers so

    - Bhajji [for his useful batting as well as economical spells]
    - Zak [useful bat]
    - Mishra [spinner who can go for wkts]
    - Ishant
    - Nehra

    12th man - YP, the batting all-rounder. If batting needs to be strengthened then he can come in at #7

    13th and 14th:
    - Bring in a couple of fresh faces to give them an exposure like Pandey and may be Pujara

    - 15th: Munaf

    - 16th [if that's the squad size]: one from .....
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    I wasn't following this series much but it's still a bit disappointing that it had to end like this. Still I think these random ODI games need to be brought under control. IMO an ODI series should only take place alongside a test series. And those silly triangular tournaments which no one gives a hoot for need to be eliminated altogether.

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    In future, instead of playing four ODIs, two ODIs and two 20/20s would attract more interest....

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