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Thread: batting line ups

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    batting line ups

    hey just curious when was the last time this thing happened in the 2nd game of the aussies pakistan serious i think the whole aussies batting line up was all right handers, i think this is a bad thing dont u want bowlers changing there lines ect? no wonder malik gotta way with tight figures the other game the same thing was presented

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    Right hand / left hand combinations are always a good tactic to upset a bowlers rythm. But selectors should still pick the best batsman available, not the three best right hand and three best left hand batsman.

    Would bringing in the extra left hander really change the effectiveness of Malik, Ajmal and Afridi? Unlikely given the pitches. Any modest spinner will choke the batsman considering the surfaces presented.

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    Kenya haven't had a decent LHB since 2004
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    I have heard it said that Chuck Norris' googly would literally break legs.

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