Hi, Im currently completing my final year project at Winchester University and wondered if any of you could help me with my research by completing my questionnaire. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
NB. Please can you respond with the question number and write your answer please. Thank you


Part One:

1) Age

0Up to 16

2) Gender


3) Ethnicity
0White (British, Irish, Other White background)
0Black or Black British (Caribbean, African, other Black background)
0Asian-British/other (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, other Asian background
0Mixed Race (White and Black, White and Asian, other mixed background)
0Other (please specify) _________________________________________________

4) Income Bracket

0Up to £15,000

5) Do you have access to satellite sport?
0 Yes 0 No

6) No. of children

0 1
0 2
0 3+

7) Do you actively participate in sport (including non competitive)? (If so, which sports?)

0I do not participate in any sports

8) If you had the opportunity, how likely would you be to watch cricket on television?
1(Very Unlikely)-7(Very likely)

9) What type of cricket would most appeal to you if it were on television?(Please only select one)
0 County Championship Match
0 Test Match
0 One Day International
0 Twenty20 Cricket
0 Pro40
0 Other (please specify):

10) And to go to the stadium and watching a live game?(Please only select one)
0 County Championship Match
0 Test Match
0 One Day International
0 Twenty20 Cricket
0 Pro40
0 Other (please specify):

11) How far would you travel to watch a cricket match?
0Up to 10 minutes
0Up to 30 minutes
01 hour to 1h 30 minutes
01 hour 30 minutes to 2hours
0Up to an hour
02 hours or more

Part 2:

When you think of cricket what do you think of? Walking through your local park in the summer and seeing a bunch of old men playing cricket in their white’s? That boring game that you HAD to play in school? Was it on the television ages ago and lasted for what seemed like weeks?

In 2003, Twenty20 cricket was introduced with the aim to attract a new audience. Twenty20 cricket lasts for about 2 and a half hours and it is designed to take place in the evenings to attract people to come after work or for parents to bring their children after school. The shorter form of the game made it livelier and more entertaining to spectators. The crowd are encouraged to cheer and sing along to songs being played on the big screen, two things that are not usually associated with cricket.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), To make the atmosphere even more unique compared to county championship games, each county when hosting a Twenty20 match was encouraged to stamp and develop their own personality on the home games; with the key ingredient to attract new target audiences that were not usually associated with cricket. Jacuzzis, bouncy castles, big screen televisions with action replays, BBQs and music when runs are scored or batsmen are out can be seen at grounds all over the country when Twenty20 games are taking place.

The Twenty20 Cup saw stadiums selling out more tickets than they did for all their county cup matches put together. More than 250,000 spectators witnessed the Twenty20 Cup, averaging at approximately 5,000.

1) Which parts of the statement above interest you? (You may select more than one)

0Entertainment factor
0 Timescale
0 Time of day
0Other (please specify) ______________________________________

2) In what ways have you heard of twenty20 cricket before today?(You may select more than one)

0Word of mouth
0I have not heard of twenty20 cricket before today
0Other (please specify) ______________________________________

3) To what extent does twenty20 interest you?
1(Not at all) -7 (Alot)

4) ‘I would be more tempted to go and watch a twenty20 cricket match as opposed to any other form of cricket’- To what extent do you agree with this statement?

1(Strongly disagree)-7(Strongly agree)

5) If you have children, how likely would you be to take them along to a twenty20 match?
1(Very unlikely-7(Very likely)