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Thread: Do you rate Chris Gayle as a captain?

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    Do you rate Chris Gayle as a captain?

    As the thread states. But I don't mean as he is captain because there is no other viable option, but on the whole, compared to Daniel Vettori, Ricky Ponting, Graeme Smith, MS Dhoni etc. This is mainly for Tests, but you can include ODIs if you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobidy View Post
    Bradman never had to face quicks like Sharma and Irfan Pathan. He wouldn't of lasted a ball against those 2, not to mention a spinner like Sehwag.

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    I rate Chris Gayle a fairly good captain in his decision making. Recently he has been in good form with the bat and leading from the front. Although Gayle doesn't have to many batting options, they rely alot on Gayle, Sarwan and Chanderpaul

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    Yes. Probably not as good as Dhoni, Smith and Vettori, but the West Indies' results have definitely been improving since he's been captain and you can see his players definitely respect him. Also has been leading from the front as well recently

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    He looks promising. He's certainly not perfect yet - his captaincy yesterday was questionable, though not in respect of choosing to field but just generally being uninspired in his field-settings and bowling use.

    But he's done plenty right in a relatively short career so far.
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    Certainly the coolest captain going 'round.
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    International Captain thierry henry's Avatar
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    Chris Gayle has an unfortunately high-pitched voice for someone who comes across as a bad-ass

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    High-pitched? I wouldn't think so. Just not deep like say a Viv Richards.
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    Yeah he seemed pretty good in NZ, although he keeps it pretty simple. I never really saw him talk to his bowlers much. He seems to be really well liked by all his players.
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    U19 Cricketer
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    he is very quiet for a captain he doesnt get upset or even pumped up, cool and calm, and west indies seemingly are enjoying their cricket under him so i vote Yes. so far so good

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    Cricket Spectator
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    The problem is it is too easy to say he is the best the Windies have got.....but i still believe he actually brings a sense of calm to the team due to his chilled out nature. And with all the young west indies players who go off the rails constantly i think his presence as captain is a good thing for their team.

    I don't think he is up with the vettoris and smiths of this world 'yet'. But he is still new to the job, more to come yet i think

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    He is a good captain, he really believes in his players and they all know that. He doesn't have unrealistic expectations, which allows his team mates to play within themselves. He doesn't think too deeply into his plans like ponting who waste hours talking to his bowlers and still lose. His status in team make it easier for players to respond to him, unlike lara who was already a legend. How do you play to make lara happy ? chris has an easier time making his team confident, he is a star player but in a way his team can vision themself shining like him.
    Vettori is an asshole of a captain, I would not want to be playing for him. He expresses way toomuch dissapointment whenever NZ does badly, clearly he doesn't have realistic goals while sitting at the bottom of the rankings. Smith is successful but I don't he is inspirational at all, just a plain boring captain. He never looks like he is in charge, just lucky he has talented players backing him up. Dhoni, he is another asshole, I have no respect for him because of his overate cheating. He is leading a team that believes they are bigger than cricket itself, very selfish putting personal milestones ahead of the spirit of cricket.

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    As a pure captain still think Sarwan is better, but he not the type of leader West Indies need.
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    International Coach pup11's Avatar
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    I think Gayle really isn't much of a tactician, but still he seems to succeed in bringing out the best out of his players, there seems to a lot more spunk in the current West Indian side under his leadership.

    I think that's a very unique and good ability for a captain to have, and he certainly is the right man for the job for West Indies atm, captaincy seems to have also effected his batting in a positive way, which is another good thing for West Indian cricket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaminda_00 View Post
    As a pure captain still think Sarwan is better, but he not the type of leader West Indies need.
    Nah, Sarwan bowled Fidel Edwards with no fine leg. You can't argue with that.
    Quote Originally Posted by zaremba View Post
    The Filth have comfortably the better bowling. But the Gash have the batting. Might be quite good to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uppercut View Post
    Nah, Sarwan bowled Fidel Edwards with no fine leg. You can't argue with that.
    No fine leg for any bowler

    Why not just say: "Here batsman, have a boundary or three through that area. It's on the house."

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