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Thread: Night cricket?

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    Night cricket?

    Anyone here enjoy a bit of backyard/frontyard/street cricket at night time?

    I'll tell you my little story.

    Last night I had a friend stay over. Shortly after midnight we decided we felt like a game of cricket. We didn't really want to go anywhere too far so we looked for a nice spot in my house to have a hit.

    -Firstly we tried 'hall cricket'. We went in my hallway and used a pad as wickets. This was fun for a moment, but it was too thin and not long enough to really do anything fun. We agreed to find a better place.

    -Secondly we experimented with 'porch cricket'. This was better. It wasn't perfectly lit, but I opened my kitchen curtains and that let out a bit of light. Still a bit dark but enough light to see the ball. We stayed there for a bit.

    -Thirdly, we found the best place that we were going to; my driveway. It is also not perfectly lit but there is a motion sensor light there which was good enough (albeit us having to turn it on every few minutes). We put the stumps in the car port and had the bowler bowl up the driveway. There is a slight slope but not to worry. We played here for a while, as well as coming out later on for another go.

    Obviously it's not perfect for playing huge shots, but there is something very relaxing about standing in your carport at 2:30am, practicing your defensive shots against a tennis ball.

    Anyone have any similar stories?

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    No similar stories from me - I find that I would be well asleep by 2:30 am. However, that is a nice cricketing memoir, love it!
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