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Thread: Who was your first cricketing icon?

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    Who was your first cricketing icon?

    Ok, I'm going to cheat slightly and give 2, for reasons given below.

    First icon was the great Brian Charles Lara, although my admiration for him wasn't based on seeing him play. I started playing cricket around about 1994, right at the time when Lara's batting exploits were making him headlines. When you're an impressionable 9 year old and you see headlines about Lara making the highest Test score, then the highest ever score, it's natural to think that this man must be the greatest cricketer ever. That, combined with the fact that it was his name on the cricket game you play on your friend's Mega Drive, meant that it was Lara who I would always pretend to be when playing.

    My first icon based on seeing them play however, was Lance Klusener. The 1999 World Cup is the first proper cricket I can remember watching (though I've got memories of watching Dominic Cork's hat-trick vs the West Indies c. 1995), and it just seemed that everytime I saw Klusener stride to the crease, he would just effortlessly smash the bowling all over the park, as if it was the easiest thing in the world to do. When you combine that with the fact that not only could he bowl fast, he took wickets for South Africa as well, it's easy to see why at the time I thought he was easily the best cricketer around.

    Who were your first cricketing idols?

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    It was Martin Crowe, I think. I started following cricket as a 6/7 year old, during the 1991/1992 season and then particularly during the World Cup where Crowe dominated. I obviously thought he was the man back then.

    I think I was more keen on being a fast bowler back then, and it was the rather unglamorous (in retrospect) Danny Morrison who was the man at the time, and I think I tried to copy his action. I also liked Waqar Younis.

    Strangely though, when it comes to cricket I've never really been prone to hero worship, in contrast to the other sports I follow (particularly football and rugby league) where I tend to be obsessed with individuals.

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    Martin Crowe when I was 5-10
    Cairns afterwards.

    Jeets is basically my main man these days.
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    Michael Slater actually, coming from the same town and school as he did. He was just starting his international career when I was about 7 or 8 so he was all the rage.
    Matt Hayden then became my favourite player around 95/96 and have stuck with him ever since, although Clarke is about equal with him now.

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    I used to like Slater because first game i ever saw he scored a double hundread. Then from later in the series its has to be Sanath

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    Gilchrist, for his 57 ball century hooking me into cricket :P

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    Chris Harris for me I think. He was just awesome at everything in ODIs, which was the form of cricket I got into first.

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    Chris Cairns when I was still learning.

    Warne as I got older, and tried spin bowling.

    When that failed and I began opening, Fleming.
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    Trevor Gripper.

    I know, it's ridiculous.
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    Ricky Ponting, WAG.
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    Mitch Johnson is ****ing awesome for cricket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nishan View Post
    I used to like Slater because first game i ever saw he scored a double hundread. Then from later in the series its has to be Sanath
    Yep. My strongest early memory was the game at the WACA where Slater hit 219 and Ponting hit 97 on debut.

    Slater was my favourite until he retired and then it became Ponting. Then I realised that Ponting is a **** and now there's no-one I'm particularly loyal to (apart from Lee Carseldine)
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    sunil gavaskar was my first favourite cricketer...
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    Sachin Tendulkar...

    And I know it would surprise quite a few here..
    We miss you, Fardin. :(. RIP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by honestbharani View Post
    Sachin Tendulkar...

    And I know it would surprise quite a few here..

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    Growing up in the '80s in Pakistan, there wasn't a kid who didn't idolize Imran Khan. I was no different.

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