If the club, officials or players ever look on the site (I would like to think they might but might not...) I'll start by saying I have no bee in my bonnet over the Somerset team.....

However, I note with humour that the mantra from Shine, Anderson and Burns that the team aim in spring was dual promotion has suddenly switched to C&G Trophy and CC Div 2 promotion. We are not yet in June but have already conceded that not only is the Div 2 National League title way above us, we will struggle to finish in the top 4.

This is simply not on. We are not a rubbish one day outfit but I believe the management has taken the wrong approach to the National League. While their attitude in blooding young players and giving relative greenhorns some experience is decent enough, winning is what makes the world go round and makes the club valuable money.

From a personal point of view, I have two issues. The first is Nixon McLean. I am not in the position to know for sure the extent of his recent injury niggles but I do worry the gist is to let him put his feet up so that he is fresh for CC action. Is this right?we are top of CC Div 2 so who can argue with that, right? Well, will we be saying that if we finish bottom in the National League?
If he is genuinely injured no problem. If he is rested as a precaution then you wonder if this is clever or not. Surely a 8 over stint wouldn't kill him (quote Mr Grockle from grockles.com) as he is a professional after all. Compare this to Richard Johnson who seemingly solders on half fit some of the time and still gets wickets and scores runs. We signed extra players to ensure this didn't happen but I don't think we will do well in one day cricket without Nixon McLean and Richard Johnson.

As for the second, its the batting. For goodness sake, what does Piran Holloway need to do to get a go these days? He was in scintillating form pres-season and is better in one day stuff so give him a go......

phew, therapy over