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Thread: The Linear Test World Champions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jungle Jumbo View Post
    The international football unofficial world championships is a lot more interesting, partly because if there are a few unusual results it can get dragged around a few backwaters before reemerging.
    There must be a way to design a club football one that ended up in Exeter (via Manchester and Leeds) during the last month...

    I do like the way that the Netherlands Antilles managed to become football World Champs in 1963 by beating Mexico, and that it's been round Zimbabwe and Angola in the last decade.
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    I had the whites as champions of Europe in 99 after we beat Oxford. They had just beaten Everton in the previous round, who had beaten Liverpool in the derby before that. Liverpool had beaten Arsenal early in the season and Arsenal had beaten Man U in the Charity Shield. Man U were the actual champions of Europe.

    Of course, I decided to ignore any previous lineage in there by starting with the 1999 European Cup final, but hey, it just seems a logical starting point

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goughy View Post
    Just done somethng similar using the idea that you have to beat the Champ in their home to take the title (ie have to knock out the Champ to take the belt)

    So using 3 match series min and have to win away.

    Linear World Champs

    Start - 1899- Eng
    1899 1903/04- Aus
    03/04 - 09- Eng
    09 - 11/12- Aus
    11/12 - 21- Eng
    21 - 28/29- Aus
    28/29 - 30- Eng
    30 - 32/33- Aus
    32/33 - 34- Eng
    34 - 54/55- Aus
    55 - 61- Eng
    61 - 70/71- Aus
    70/71 - 71 Eng
    71 - 74/75- India
    74/75 - 94/95- WI
    94/95 - 08- Aus
    08/09 - 08/09- SA
    08/09 - Pres- Aus

    Gah, Aus still on top. SA with the shortest reign in Test history.
    The must win away rule seems a little harsh on the 1969-70 South Africans - they crushed the "champion" Aussies 4-0.

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    new zealand
    NZ were robbed!

    Much like Suzie robbed us in 1995
    The French in 1999
    Mortlock in 2003
    Wayne Barnes in 2007......

    The Disputed Years 1980-84

    At the end of 1979 England, the then World Champions, flew to Australia to play a three test series. At the same time Australia also played a series against the West Indies. Both series took place at the same time with the West Indian series starting first. The "standard" World Championship looks at the score when a series finishes to determine the winner and, as the series between Australia and the West Indies ended first, it does not count towards the championship.

    However by the end of the second test against England in January, Australia were already 2-0 up in the series. It could be argued therefore that they were already World Champions when they played the West Indies in the third test two weeks later.

    If that were so a rather different pattern emerges which briefly sees New Zealand holding their only title......
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    Just saw this thread linked at the bottom of another thread I was reading

    Interestingly, England hold the title under steds/Goughy's method and will do so until at least next June, while India need two wins in the next two to keep hold of the linear title.

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    Not really needed on CW
    So simplistic and yet it's sort of an accurate representation of what's really going on

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    good to see Pakistan as linear champions at least once this decade
    And smalishah's avatar is the most classy one by far Jan certainly echoes the sentiments of CW

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby View Post
    Thought I'd update this:

    2008/09: India beat Australia 2-0 in India (4 tests)
    2008/09: India beat England 1-0 in India (2 tests)
    2008/09: India beat New Zealand 1-0 in New Zealand (3 tests)
    2009/10: India beat Sri Lanka 2-0 in India (3 tests)
    2009/10: India beat Bangladesh 2-0 in Bangladesh (2 tests)

    As we can see, India are not only the no.1 test side in the ICC rankings, but also the current linear world champs having wrested the crown from Oz by winning the Border/Gavaskar series in 2008 and successfully defending their crown 4 times since.
    Time for another update:

    2009/10: India drew 1-1 with South Africa in India (2 tests)
    2010: India drew 1-1 with Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka (3 tests)
    2010/11: India beat Australia 2-0 in India (2 tests)
    2010/11: India beat New Zealand 1-0 in India (3 tests)
    2010/11: India drew 1-1 with South Africa in South Africa (3 tests)
    2011: India beat the West Indies 1-0 in the West Indies (3 tests)
    2011: England beat India 4-0 in England (4 tests)

    Yeah, baby! After another half-dozen successful defences England's whitewash wrests the title from India's grasp.
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    Pakistan the current champions with Sri Lanka favourites to wrest the belt soon.

    Exciting times we live in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GIMH View Post
    The reason people don't cheer for India is nothing to do with them being number one

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    After a round of hot potato, it's gone back to Pakistan again.

    2011/12: Pakistan beat England in the UAE (3 Tests)
    2012: Sri Lanka beat Pakistan in Sri Lanka (3 tests)
    2012: Sri Lanka drew with New Zealand in Sri Lanka (2 tests)
    2012/13: Australia beat Sri Lanka in Australia (3 tests)
    2012/13: India beat Australia in India (4 tests)
    2013/14: India beat West Indies in India (2 tests)
    2013/14: South Africa beat India in South Africa (3 tests)
    2013/14: Australia beat South Africa in South Africa (3 tests)
    2014/15: Pakistan beat Australia in the UAE (2 tests)
    2014/15: Pakistan drew with New Zealand in the UAE (3 tests)
    2015: Pakistan beat Bangladesh in Bangladesh (2 tests)
    2015: Pakistan beat Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka (3 tests)
    2015/16: Pakistan beat England in the UAE (3 Tests)

    while the Steds-Goughy Method says Australia have it.

    up to 2010/11 Australia
    2010/11 - 2012 England
    2012 - 2013/14 South Africa
    2013/14 - present Australia
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    Quote Originally Posted by Howe_zat View Post
    After a round of hot potato, it's gone back to Pakistan again.
    2014/15: Pakistan drew with New Zealand in the UAE (3 tests)
    So close. If I remember right we would have have a good run in defence too.

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