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Thread: How To Create The Premier League

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    How To Create The Premier League

    How To Create The Premier League

    What steps should the ECB take to make their EPL a success? And can it win out over the IPL?

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    Interesting article.

    Things like this are good as it sets the mind to work. I didnt agree with some of the conclusions but thats not important, as its all about opinions, rather the fact that it raised the points for consideration.

    Having promotion and relegation doesnt change the fact that there are too many teams and the pie will have to be sliced into too many thin pieces.

    The only way around that would be to heavily favour teams in the top division in financial terms. That would create a massive gap.

    The article doesnt really suggest much of a change from the current system. Just an extra league layer between the group stage and the knockout.

    Its not a bad idea, just seems to lack an element of bravery to make the tough decision. ie condense English cricket.

    It was also a little strong on the Franchise side. I know a lot of people that dont like 'franchise' sport but the use of 'we' (as in speaking for a nation) seems a little presumptive and strong.

    Also the IPL, for all its hype and press, didnt really attract the greatest players in the World. There were a lot of good ones but it wasnt as if the tournament was showing anything at a standard never seen before.

    The article mentions that the EPL needs stars and not retired players. Yet 1 look at the overseas players for IPL winners, Rajasthan Royals, show nothing dramatic.
    Smith, Watson, Mascarenhas, Younis Khan, Darren Lehmann, Tanvir, Kamran Akmal and Shane Warne.

    Of that group only Smith and Khan could be called quality current Interational cricketers and Younis Khan only played one game.

    Also 2 of them (Warne and Lehmann) have retired.

    Also all but Tanvir and Akmal have played County cricket. Its not like County cricket doesnt and cant bring in players.

    The English summer is the hub of World cricket. Players from every nation to gather to play club and County cricket.

    This combined with the fact that it is a place that players want to live and work, means bringing players in will never be a problem.

    All that is needed is a format (which if you notice I have not made any suggestions of my own on, just disagreed with the one suggested *cop out* ) and finances.

    I dont often read CW features, but I thought this topic interesting and the article was thought provoking.
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    If the top flight means big money, no one will want to play or watch the second level. Ask the Football League clubs. After all, everyone is trying to copy the Football Premier League, so you should talk about the downside. Franchising (in the sense of Counties pooling ressources) might be the most practical solution.

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