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Thread: Player X is overrated

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    Player X is overrated

    The popular spin off to that famous and well loved poll Player A vs Player B

    Now onto it.
    His ODI career spanned form 1989 when he made his debut scoring 43* to guide his team home to a 6 wicket victory when they had been set what was then a mammoth chase of Feb 2001 when he tragically impaled himself on the stumps falling over after trying to hook an injudicious 93mph half track delivery for six. He had to be carried off the pitch lying belly down on a stretcher with off and middle poking out of his....ah I bet you've already seen the video on you tube.

    He averaged 45 with the bat in the first phase of his career spanning from June 1989-October 1993 when he scores but when you consider he was only ever selected against Australia once scoring 12 of 45 balls and that more than half of his runs( Including 3 od his 5 centuries) came against Sri Lanka before they became a seriously competitive. The other one .
    His other two ODI tons in this period were against a NZ attack on a flat deck ad against the West Indies at where he was dropped on 23 and 44 on his way to 109.

    Between November 1993 and June 1995 he averaged just 24 with the bat only crossing
    50 once as his team coasted to 307/9 against an injury plagued England attack and it is no surprise thaton such a batting paradise England were on 90/0 after 15 before they collapsed to 249/6.

    It is in light of this that his average of 51.23 in the final phase of his career looked so brilliant even though he was dropped at least once in the six centuries he scored, all of which came when his team scored 250+ totals and not once was he able to make a significant innings when the chips were down. (The 82 against Bangladesh at the 99 World Cup doe not count, It was against Bangladesh FFS)
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    We don't want to spam the forums with these threads. One thread was good enough. Either bump that or, start it in cricket humor. .
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    Peter Siddle top scores in both innings....... Matthew Wade gets out twice in one ball
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