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Thread: Fidel Edwards: A Caribbean Cult Classic

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    Fidel Edwards: A Caribbean Cult Classic

    Been posted in the offical thread, but thought it should get its own thread.

    Fidel Edwards: A Caribbean Cult Classic

    As West Indies head into the third Test match against Australia, they do so with aspirations of leveling the series at 1-1. The Frank Worrell Trophy is now out of their hands, but there is still the pride of a drawn series up for grabs. And whatever hope the home team bears depends largely on the potency of the front line bowling attack, particularly Fidel Edwards. A cursory look at the series statistics locates Edwards second only to Brett Lee in wickets. His 11 wickets are already a series high, though he has only once played more than 3 Tests in a series. Now it remains to be seen how far he can extend his personal record in Bridgetown. Click here to read more.
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    Excellent read and a fair assessment, imo, of Edwards career and recent improvement so far, considering, as the article alludes to, his total inexperience when first selected for Test cricket.

    Good stuff.

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    Despite the article, I still feel that Fidel Edwards looks like a young Tracy Chapman.
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