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Thread: Pommie Mbangwa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marius View Post
    As I understand it, Pommie has the nickname because of the way he speaks, ie. like a Pom. I am speaking under correction though.
    Nah, its due to his first name
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    Quote Originally Posted by duffer View Post
    I think(only speculating) that most people's problems with him are his not so pleasing to the ears voice, because once I got over that and listened to what he had to say he wasn't that bad. Especially good when he's analysing spinners. Surprised he didn't turn out a better player than his record shows because he sounds smart enough.
    He was a superb leg spinner when he first came to the Indian side. He and Maninder revived hopes of another Golden era of spin but one day cricket, too much hype for both of them when still very young seemed to affect them both negatively. Siva later tried to concentrate on his batting to make a come back. He was a pretty good batsman when he put effort into it but it was as a leg spin/googly bowler that he gave hints of greatness.

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