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Thread: The use of Long Sleeved shirts to mask chucking

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    Is this CricketWeb's greatest poster in the short history of the forum?
    I normally just say I have food poisoning when trying to mask chucking...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Kohli. Do something in test cricket for once please.


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    Andrew Hall has a horribly suspect bowling action and I don't think it's any coincidence that he's always opted for three-quarter length sleeves.

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    I heard Andrew Hall used prosthetic limbs to get past the chucking law
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayzamann View Post
    Wasn't that allowance brought in because it was found that going by the old rules, some riduculously large percentage of bowlers were chuckers? (~90%?)
    Yeah pretty much. IIRC, they did tests at the Champions Trophy and only Sarwan was within the legal limits at the time.
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    Only a bunch of convicts having been beaten 3-0 and gone 9 tests without a win and won just 1 in 11 against England could go into the home series saying they will win. England will win in Australia again this winter as they are a better side which they have shown this summer. 3-0 doesn't lie girls.

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    But with all the cameras (36 different ones at some grounds IIRC) covering today's matches it really seems quite silly to be wearing long sleeve shirts to mask chucking. It is not that full sleeved shirts can really hide chucking. For e.g people who though Murali chucked didn't need him to wear half sleeved shirts to reach that conclusion.

    Just look at shoaib's when he is bowling around the wicket to the left handers (especially when they show the camera behind the batsman...) no sleeve in the world, bar a space suit, would hide that kind of chucking)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Migara View Post
    Ojha's normal delivery is just fine and classical. But there isa certain delivery where he tries to spin more. At that point of time it looks ugly.
    Ojha tends to bowl with a slightly bent arm at times, almost decreasing the angle rather than extending as he bowls.

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    Thing is there's now a system in place at least to look at the way guys bowl, which is a massive step up from where we were 15-20 years ago.

    I wonder what might have been for Ian Meckiff had he ever been tested? Eddie Gilbert too for that matter. We'll never know.
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    Charlie Griffith chucked it from what few grainy youtube clips I've watched (check out that "Pace like Fire" video). Wore long sleeves as well.

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    tbh, none of the footage or pics of Griffith really prove whether it was him chucking or hyper-extension (not that stills are any good at showing that anyway).

    Him wearing long sleeves is neither here nor there, could have been doing it just to ease the scrutiny rather than covering up him chucking. We'll probably never know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
    Kyle Mills (not that anyone cares about him)

    He was ranked #1 bowler in the world in ODIs at one point.

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    Something about Starc's action looked off to me on the weekend.
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