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Thread: The Student Cricketer

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    The Student Cricketer

    Hi Guys, sorry if this is against your forum rules, but I have just started a student cricket website, and I wondered if any of you would be interested in taking a look. Recently we have just had exclusive interviews with the chief executives of Leicestershire CCC and Yorkshire CCC regarding the IPL.

    Over the next month or so we will be following the season of Staffordshire University Cricket Club and York St John Cricket Club. If you are a member of a University Club either in the UK or anywhere else in the world then please contact me via the site and your match reports could appear on the site!

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    Nice site!

    I really do recommend you get your own domain name + hosting though. It is so worth having in the long run - you'll thank me for it! If you're worried about cost you can head over to GoDaddy and grab a .com for around $8/year.
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