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Thread: Cricket VS Baseball Blasphemy!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

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    Icon8 Cricket VS Baseball Blasphemy!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

    If any of yall know 'bout Wikipedia or know of it. I know it is a thing that users edit but someone, if any of yall have time to edit it, please do so and help out for the sake of cricket by editing this article. This guy whoever wrote the article is truly PRO BASEBALL and basically saying that cricket is easy, not a sportsmanlike game and other stuff basically dissing cricket. I'm not a cricket expert or else i can try to edit it. All you need to do is create a wikipedia account or not (if not your ip will be used). Anyways anybody can edit it and try to put correct info on it. Like i said i'm not a cricket expert that's why all i did was leave a comment on discussion section for that article, you can look at discussion section if you need a bit of assistance. But somebody for the sake of CRICKET please help and edit this stuff, if someone doesn't then this might give the wrong impression of cricket to many people who are unaware of what the sport of Cricket is like.

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    I must say that even though he knows more about baseball, the author has done a pretty good job in comparing the two sports, if in a some what basic manner
    You know it makes sense.

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    One difference that was not mentioned is that in cricket a batsman can put on a good show and entertain the crowd by sustained strokemaking. In baseball, the batter makes one good hit and is gone until his next at-bat.

    Alternatively, in baseball it's the pitcher who generally remains-out-there, whereas in cricket one gets to see a variety of bowlers plying their art.

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