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Thread: Roger Twose - Did England miss him in odis?

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    Roger Twose - Did England miss him in odis?

    If england had the chance again would they have let him go or picked him?
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    Considering England have been bordering on deplorable in one dayers for at least the last 15 years, I'd say they would have taken him.

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    In retrospect, of course they would. It's hard to think of any country besides Australia that would turn down a top order batsman capable of averaging nearly 40 at a good strike rate. But I dunno, he only really became a good player after he moved to New Zealand...

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    With England's record in ODI's they'd probably have picked his Mother.

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    I remember he had a real purple patch from mid 1999 to late 2000 where he really showed England his potential. However, whilst his average is close to 40, one 100 in 80-odd ODIs isn't exactly world class. I'm sure England would have wondered during the previously mentioned period if he'd have made their ODI side stronger but then again, from memory the results he managed in England were never that inspiring to hint at an international selection.

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    I'd have picked Dominic Ostler instead, frankly.
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    Saw him in town the other day. Still as solid as ever.
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    England had a decent batting lineup at around the time Twose was at his best - Knight, Hick, Fairbrother, etc.

    Might have got a go ahead of Ali Brown though.

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    Ofcourse, they missed him! Roger Twose is a top player! I still remember an innings of his against Australia in the 99 World Cup, which New Zealand went on to win, the ease with which he played Warne and have be a bit better than the rest to be able to do that!

    Considering England' below average track record in ODIs, yes Twose is a batsman they badly missed! Infact, even New Zealand missed him! With Astle, Flemming, Twose, Cairns, Horne, New Zealand was a much better ODI side than they are without them!

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    Twose just might have ended-up better than Fairbrother. Just such a shame he was such a late developer, and that he'd already gone to New Zealand by the time his development started.
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