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Thread: World U29s of batting (current and active)

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    World U29s of batting (current and active)

    Guys, with so much talk of up and comers in bowling, we don't seem to be as enthused or knowledgeable about the up and coming 'laras', tendulkar, and pontings of this world.

    If you had to pick a world Under 29s of batting who would you have in each position. (Batting only all the way down to 11)

    My half completed side:

    1. B McCullum (NZ)
    2. V Sehwag (Ind)
    3. K Pieterson (Eng)
    4. K Sanggakara (SL)
    5. M Clarke (Aus)
    6. M Dhoni (India)

    Who would you have?
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    I don't see how Sehwag or Sangakkara fit into "Under 29s" given they're over 29. Sangakkara has already turned 30 in fact. McCullum opening seems highly strange as well unless you're talking about one day cricket.

    1. Phil Jaques
    2. Alastair Cook
    3. Ramnaresh Sarwan
    4. Kevin Pietersen
    5. Michael Clarke
    6. Ian Bell
    7. AB De Villiers (wk)

    That springs to mind. Vandort also worthy of a mention.
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    Since when have 28 year olds been "up and comers"?
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