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Thread: Paralysis by Analysis

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    Paralysis by Analysis

    Paralysis by Analysis

    Discuss and feel free to leave a comment
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    Another thread on the sedging issue!! .... I think that the players have to be mature enough to realize whats accepable, along with knowing that its performance that speaks, and when that knowledge comes in, things will get better

    As for the Symonds issue. He provoked the Ind by first trying to dismiss their 20T WC win celebrations, making comments on how much they earn, iirc, etc and it's said that you reap what you sow .... it doesn't matter if Symo made a comment abt his dislike for the m-word coz many hv pointed towards the dislike for sledging by the OZ

    did OZ stop when some ppl repeatedly pointed out that they sledge unnecessarily too much? Nah .... did they care to respect players from other countries, Nah. remember, Clarke telling Sachin to retire!!!

    It's only when the OZ were given a taste of their own medicine that they realized that this is an issue .... otherswise the OZ usually dismissed complaints against their disturbing on-field behavior .... usually saying that it's their style of playing cricket, it's in their culture, etc when the whole idea behind the sledging was to mentally disintegrate the opposition player .... and it's dumb to expect others to sledge back on what we think is acceptable

    the move forward is to educate the cricketers on whats acceptable on-field behavior and make them realize that it should be the bat that should do most of the talking
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