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Thread: Road warrior

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    Road warrior

    Wow, 47 ODI, 11 Tests and 8 Twenty20 in the last fifteen months.
    Quote Originally Posted by KungFu_Kallis View Post
    Peter Siddle top scores in both innings....... Matthew Wade gets out twice in one ball
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    Karthik should keep in all meaningless ODI matches and T20 matches.

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    Yeah it's nuts, couple of English players would be in pretty similar positions.

    Since and including the Ashes (a month or two more than the time given in the Dhoni article) KP's played 17 Tests, 30 ODI (missed quite a few in CB series, throw in the CT right before then and even more) and 10 Twenty20s.

    In the same time period as KP, Collingwood has played 17 Tests, 38 ODIs and 10 Twenty20s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by silentstriker View Post

    Wow, 47 ODI, 11 Tests and 8 Twenty20 in the last fifteen months.
    That's insane! Considering the position he plays, he's bound to wear out his body early and go into decline in about 3-5 years from now.

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    All those games and travel and so far as I've heard, not one word of complaint from the man about it. The whinging aussies would do well to borrow a leaf from his book and learn about hard work.
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