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Thread: India's Hour

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    Bit premature there, I think. We'll see.
    Quote Originally Posted by KungFu_Kallis View Post
    Peter Siddle top scores in both innings....... Matthew Wade gets out twice in one ball
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    Quote Originally Posted by vic_orthdox View Post
    In the end, I think it's so utterly, incomprehensibly boring. There is so much context behind each innings of cricket that dissecting statistics into these small samples is just worthless. No-one has ever been faced with the same situation in which they come out to bat as someone else. Ever.
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    Haha, wow. Entertaining read for sure.

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    Adding to the OTT count.

    India as a country is a new concept, a radical experiment at that (not to digress too much), and simply could not have been given "respect" without proving itself viable. At best, one can say finally happened this decade. So the tangential comments about the country etc are misplaced.

    On the cricket itself, a couple of things have fallen into place (such as a large enough stream of pacers). But a couple of things have not (do we have a world class spinner to step into Kumble's shoes, can we survive the middle order batting transition in tests from the once in a century combination). Will be a good 3-4 years before we can tell for sure.

    Till then, as far as cricket is concerned - India has more money than brains. (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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