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Thread: Finally got here!

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    Finally got here!

    God, not sure how to do something as technical as this.

    Hi John
    I have rerturned and I will get your links sorted out this week (I think I've said that before!). Are you going to be at Durham in the week? If so come to the Stragglers and say hello.

    Who knows, we may even have some points in the bag - but let's not put the kibosh on the gentlemen this afternoon.

    The new stuff looks good - lets hope we all have lots of things to talk about this year!!

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    Welcome Grockle!

    Great to see you Grockle, although circumstances could be better after Somerset's narrow defeat today. I knew it was gonna be an odd game when it was left to Richard Johnson to lead the way with the bat!!

    Can't make Durham I'm afraid though will be down soon and will let you know so we can meet up.

    Any links would be marvellous and for the benefit of those you use this messageboard, do go and check out as its another superb site with a decent following and some very clued up people in the know on Somerset cricket. (Good enough, plug?? )

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