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Thread: New Zealand Player Ratings - VB Series

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    New Zealand Player Ratings - VB Series

    Do you agree with my thoughts?

    Post your thoughts here...

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    Shane warnes bowling was crap,

    lee is expensive as most fast bowlers usually are, he batted well at times and bowled really well, unlucky not to have more wickets

    Ponting bats aggressively he is gonna get out cheaply sometimes, M Waugh is outta form, coming good with that last innings though,

    S Waugh is crap and should be Dropped

    McGrath is always Brilliant

    Martyn was crap apart from the hundred scoring slowly in most innings and running batsmen out alot (3 times)

    Gillespie was not dropped, he was rested cause of risk of injury and bichel was in form, so there was no need to risk him

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    You need people like Bevan in ODI's.

    He doesn't mess about like some.

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    Okay, my first post here is going to be a big'un!

    Adam Gilchrist - Not a great series. Just like when England figured out his deficiency against balls pitched on middle stump a few years ago, the NZ's and SA figured out his propensity to play away from his body.

    Mark Waugh - Just couldn't get going. Tentative and doesn't transfer his weight as quickly as he used to, hence the rather high number of caught behinds for him.

    Ricky Ponting - Has a weakness outside off-stump when playing off the front foot and the two opposition teams exploited it well. He STILL goes far too hard at those sorts of balls, hence his weight isn't totally on his front foot and he edges behind.

    Michael Bevan - Had a reasonable series, especially his hundred. Other than that, he needs to work on his outside off-stump play.

    Steve Waugh - Caught behind a lot the whole summer which suggests his weight isn't being transferred quick enough and his footwork is suspect. Is only half forward and half back when he's been cught behind in general

    Damien Martyn - Teams continue to exploit his propensity to lift balls outside off stump and he has paid for it. However, the catcher better be good because he drilled them pretty hard.

    Andrew Symonds - Too much pressure on him to play as an allrounder when he's really a batsman and should be treated as such. One of the many players in the Aussie squad treated poorly by selectors.

    Ian Harvey - Another treated poorly by selectors. Wasn't in very good form with the bat but was in pretty good form with the ball. His game is to hit hard and should work at regaining that. Should probably be looked upon as more of a bowling allrounder in future.

    Andrew Bichel - Treated EXCEPTIONALLY poorly all summer by selectors. Got the "Thanks for the five wickets Andy, see ya next summer" treatment yet again. Maybe ONE DAY he'll earn some respect when he takes all twenty wickets in a match.

    Brett Lee - Batted well in quite a few games and bowled quite well. Hopefully he'll work on his movement in the air more for next series. His swing is what gets him wickets but the people in charge seem to want to make him a seam bowler. You have McGrath and Gillespie to do that and Australia NEEDS a swing bowler. Needs to get the ball up there more.

    Jason Gillespie - Bowled pretty well in limited appearances. Is an extremely talented bowler and will be one of the greats if he takes his game to the next level (i.e. being able to take wickets on all surfaces)

    Glenn McGrath - The only player on the Aussie side to end the series with an enhanced reputation. Opposition batsmen don't even try to hit him out of the attack anymore. They just keep him out and belt the others, he's THAT good.

    Brad Williams - Possibly a better long-term propect than Brett Lee. Is as quick when he wants to be and has the steepling bounce usually associated with Glenn Mcgrath.

    As for the opposition, I'll just pick out the better players in the NZ and SA sides:

    South Africa

    Herschelle Gibbs - Had a great finish to the series. Seems to have lost that impetuosity he used to have and looks to build innings rather than belt attacks all the time. Will have a better year this year.

    Jonty Rhodes - A fantastic series for him. I saw him bat in Adelaide and he looked a millions dollars, carrying that on to Perth for his 3rd one day hundred.

    Mark Boucher - Another who had a great series. Showed hints of doing so in the Test series but couldn't get away. Looks set for his best year with the bat yet if he bats like he did in Adelaide.

    Makhaya Ntini - Bowled superbly all series. He looks much stronger and more confident than in the Test series when he was down on pace. Seems to have found his length which was sorely lacking in the Tests.

    New Zealand

    Shane Bond - How did this guy not get into the initial Test squad? He bowled with some serious pace in the whole series and has a similar trajectory to Brad Williams with some steepling bounce again. Will just get better if he continues to swing the ball.

    Chris Cairns - a disappointing end to the series after his glorious hundred in Brisbane among a few other choice innings. Bowled particularly well early on before his back gave way.

    Chris Harris - His usual reliable self with some very important contributions with the ball against Australia and some very well paced innings. Fielded brilliantly too.

    Nathan Astle - Continued on his great form from the Test series with 90-odd in Adelaide and a few other good innings.

    Daniel Vettori - Bowled well throughout. Won't be long before he's really destroying sides by himself.

    So there you go!

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