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Thread: Should we ask Warne to come out of retirement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julian87 View Post
    Warne > current Australian team.

    I still reckon he is a decent chance of playing the next Ashes series, especially if I am correct and Australia lose to South Africa this summer.
    Put him in a wheel chair at 80 and he'll take Ashes wickets. Reckon Warney might be trying to avoid having to do any FC stuff, then get the call up out of desperation.
    Weighing 26 stone, Warne tours. A mystery virus brought on by eating bad baked beans takes down Ponting and Clarke, so Warney gets the captaincy. At his weight and age, he emulates Warwick Armstrong in more ways than one, recording a 5-0 series win as skipper. Get on now.
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    #408. Sixty three not out forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Langeveldt View Post
    How are things in cloud cukoo land?
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    Jeez I must be drunk, keep reading about this Conn bloke and initially wondering what I've done. Imagining an r and i

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