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Thread: Shane Bond

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    Bond needs to perform against other people. Sometimes players get criticised despite having very good records, for not performing against the top sides (Australia). Bond seems to have the opposite problem so far:

    Against Australia he has taken 22 wickets at 10 from 6 matches. Extraordinary! His SR is 15.5, econ 4.04.

    Against Bangladesh and Canada he has 10 wickets at 8 from 3 games, SR 15, econ 3.32.

    Against other test playing nations (India, SL, SA, WI), he has played 15 games, and taken 15 wickets at 39.27, SR 49.4, econ 4.77.

    I know it's early in his career, but other than 2 or 3 amazing performances against Australia, he hasn't consistently produced results as yet.
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    Bazza, if you discount India from that last list, I think he will have done worse against SL, SA and WI.

    His record against India is also impressive :P

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    Yeah he has struggled against West Indies & South Africa for sure..but give him a break he has only bowled to Sri Lanka once & has yet to play against England & Pakistan & against India he has played about 3 ODI's so really those stats count for nothing.

    The team he has played the most is Australia and if he sets those standards against the other nations then look out.

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