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Thread: The Pat Symcox theory

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    Geez guys, no need to be so pedantic. Some analogies don't bear close scrutiny but all of the contradictions don't invalidate the idea either. It's true that;

    1) Winning three sessions in a row and/or;
    2) Winning the first session of a Test

    make it more likely that you're going to win said Test. It's not an iron-clad 'Idiots Guide For Winning test match Cricket' but just an observation followed by, as Goughy said, breaking the business of winning a Test down into achievable short-term goals. That's all.

    I haven't heard Symcox talk about it, but if it does have this theory it's hardly an amazing idea or anything. Pretty common sense that winning sessions helps you win the game.
    Indeed it is but that's the point of an idea like this; players often get caught up in worrying about winning an entire game when there's so much to happen between the toss and the final wicket. If your aim is to score 400 in your first innings, the weight of that amount of runs puts pressure on whereas if you aim for 80 per session, it's far easier on the brain. Seriously, it's a relatively new way of looking at winning games of cricket. Same has happened with ODI's; I suggest SA won that 400+ game with Australia because they broke down their scoring into 10-over blocks or something similar because before that point scoring 400 in a ODI would have been through impossible, let along hauling in a total like that to win.

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    Yeah, just like the ten run partnerships between batsmen should aim like commentators used to say, aim for the first ten runs, and then the next, and so forth.
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