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Thread: Woolmer may replace Wright as coach of Ind

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    Originally posted by krkode
    Personally, I liked Wright as coach. Unlike other coaches you don't often see him mouthing off to reporters and then again, the players have done relatively well under his guidance. Not only has he improved them, but he's had the added task of maturing a bunch of youngsters and newbies bar Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid and Srinath. The rest all matured under his guidance, and I personally feel he's too good to be replaced, unless of course, HE wants a break. He deserves one, but only if he wants it.:rolleyes:
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    Apparently he wanted a break b'coz his father was ill but after consulting his family he wanted to continue as a coach. I think he became like a family member to the players . Every other day i see a report a player saying that the team will fight for him and they will not allow him to be replaced and that player's name is not mentioned.

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