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Thread: Importance of a Partnership

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    Nice one mate, just knocked this up?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul
    Clarke is renowned as somewhat of a 'dasher', relinquishing his duty in the middle in search of a boundary to release the shackles. Yet here he was determined to await the right opportunity to pounce, he knew his time would come.
    Clarke is pretty well the transformed man now, methinks. Played exactly like this in the first 3 Ashes Tests, and presumably did the same the previous summer when he was accumulating 398 for once out in his few Pura Cup innings.

    I think it's now fairly safe to say he's likely to be the rock of the order for the next 10 years at least.
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    Cheers mate, it was done over a couple of nights as there is always on-going amendments to make, well there is with my writing.

    Yes I think Clarke was renowned as a dasher may have been more appropriate, however, it does seem to be a tough tag to shake off for players, and he has endured the odd rush blood even in recent times.

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    Good article

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