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Thread: Pakistan fans arrested for racial abuse

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    This is getting out of hand. Such fans should be immediately booted out of the stadium but arresting them is taking things too far.

    You can certainly get locked up if you yell racial abuse in a sports stadium in the US.
    Can you provide any actual examples of this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dissector View Post
    This is getting out of hand. Such fans should be immediately booted out of the stadium but arresting them is taking things too far.

    Can you provide any actual examples of this?
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought you could get arrested in the UK as well for shouting out racist crap...Inciting Racial hatred and all that.

    If not, then you should be able to be arrested for it
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    What would you rather happen? These people are scum and deserve no leeway.
    Maybe they will think twice about it next time.
    Oh, the logic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beleg View Post
    Oh, the logic.
    Again, what is the problem here? This happens in virtually every country, including the US. Yelling out racist abuse in a sports stadium is certainly creating a disturbance, and a bunch of other things that should and do get your arrested (and here you'll likely see a judge and pay a fine).
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    Arrests for racist abuse seems slightly ridiculous to me. By all means kick them out of the stadium, but leave it at that. And this is from someone who has been a target of racial abuse. Any talk of 'beating' them is pretty poor as well imo. Why turn to violence?

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    If it's just shouting "you black blah-blah-blah" at someone, yes, arresting is going OTT.

    When it's - as Swervy mentioned - things that could be considered to be "inciting racial hatred" I've no problem with arrests being made, none at all. And I think that, especially given it's blatant copycatting, this does indeed fall into that category.

    Naturally, beatings is always going too far though - at least if the police were involved. (That is - I'd be quite happy to give some idiot a beating myself were one to racially abuse friends of mine, for instance)
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