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Thread: Are the onedayers in india off

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    Are the onedayers in india off

    Australia were set to play 7 one dayers in india in october.
    All i have been reading lately is that all australian players will be avilable for their states in october and early novemeber.
    Does anyone know if the one dayers are still on.
    Anyway here is one such article that says players will be available for their states before the november srilanka series.
    I guess maybe another tv series fell through again.
    Update: Wednesday, June 6, 2007. 10:43am AEST

    State duties ... Ricky Ponting (File photo) (Getty Images)

    Tigers to be bolstered by Ponting availability

    Tasmanian coach Tim Coyle says he expects Australian captain Ricky Ponting to be more readily available to play for the Tigers next domestic season.

    There are two four-day matches and three one-day fixtures on the domestic calendar next season that do not clash with Ponting's international commitments.

    Coyle said Ponting's presence would have a significant impact on the Tigers squad, who won their maiden four-day title in the 2006-07 season.

    "We saw in Melbourne last year when he played at the MCG and just to have him in the rooms and around the group, it's a tremendous lift," he said.

    "Particularly with the busy pre-Christmas period, we have a lot of cricket to be played before Christmas this year - seven one-day games and six four-day games - so to have him available for some time during that period will be excellent."

    Ponting is not required for national duty until Australia meets Sri Lanka in Brisbane in the opening Test of their two-match series beginning November 8.

    The Tigers begin the defence of their four-day title against Queensland on October 12 while their opening domestic one-day match is against Western Australia on October 21.

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    yes they r still on . They will be played right after 20/20 WC in Sept. Do u think Aus can take that series 7-0. Will Aus send a full strength team keeping in mind a new Aus summer season starts right that.

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    What late september early october you mean idutzz.
    Dunno if they would send a full strength team.
    Many ways you can look at it,preparation for players for the aussie season vs resting or managing players like adam gilchrist,ponting,lee etc.
    I would have no problem with we sent an inexperienced side like we did with the tour to NZ.
    India is far behind australia in one dayers,and it would make the series closer.
    I expect us to send the world cup squad to the 20/20 series,with lee replacing mcgrath.
    But india i dunno.
    Personally i would rest the high profile players,its not as if its a big tournament.

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