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Thread: Andrew Flintoff's long term future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    Simple. There were times when it didn't hurt, and when you're blissfully unaware of the trouble an action is going to cause you in future, and it works for you, you've no reason to change. And once you've been doing something for a long time, it gets more and more difficult to alter it.
    Completely agree. No doubt Flintoffs foot placement is the cause of these injuries but it would be very tough to change now (though not impossible). The biggest challenge would be lack confidence in any new action to be as successful as the old as your action is very much a part of who you are as a cricketer. Especially the front foot as you get so used to the balance and body position it gives you and any change feels incredibley awkward. Something like this is just as easy to spot as Harmisons front arm problem but far harder to fully correct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post

    Andrew! Time to change! Superman, will be with us when he can!

    Everyone wants to change the world, noone wants to change himself.


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    Andrew Flintoff's long term future?

    Hopefully he doesn't have one.

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