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Thread: Your worst moment.

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    Your worst moment.

    Mine was the last game I played. Which I got zero overs to bowl because the captain got 19 runs in his first over.
    Also the innings was approaching (I'm a spinner.) its close. And the captain kept himself on. Which did give them a decant amount of runs.

    The other team ended with 120 runs in 20 overs. Then the nightmare kept on coming.Wth getting stuffed a number nine in the batting order.

    What's yours?
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    Hey, that's life. Get over it, put in the hard yards and the cap'n'll have to put you on before himself.

    I won't go into my worst moments; every test match, every ODI and to a lesser extent every first class game I played was brilliant. No complaints. Each one was a great experience!
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    My worst spell ever - I bowled the first over of a game and when the rain took us off the field my figures read 0.3-0-18-0.

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    Probably bowling 2 overs for 18 and getting 1 run in a match. Was pretty hungover that day though.

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    Playing on 1st ball opening the batting against our arch-rivals, second game of this season. We still won the game, but i was gutted!
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    Captains like that are dickheads but we'd all do the same in there shoes.
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    Probably the time when I was LBW padding up to a googly... In the rooms I was yammering on about how the guy who got me out had his revenge because he was a bit of a weed and we always used to pick on him when we were younger.. Not realizing that the people sat on the steps outside were his parents..
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    ^Haha remember that story you've told it before Rich. Still, a classic.
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    Getting a dodgy LBW last ball before stumps after surviving 80odd balls before that, with our team struggling.

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    Getting a slight concussion from being hit in the helmet by a bouncer.

    ...and falling onto my own stumps.
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    Getting a slight concussion from being hit in the helmet by a bouncer.

    ...and falling onto my own stumps.

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