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Thread: The Official Slag Off England Thread

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    hey 1 Away series victory would be good, but does not count for much if it can not be backed up by further results within another 17 years!!!!!

    otherwise the only ones who will be getting excited will be the beloved 'terrace crowd' we all know and enjoy so well for their wit & insight into the game......

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    ****ing cold and ****ing wet
    We suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rik
    Roll Up Roll Up! Here's the chance you've all been waiting for...the chance to Slag Off England, the worst team in the World dispite the fact that they've only lost 3 Series in the last 3 years...the Team who a genius such as Merv Hughes feels need a new Captain...a Team who can't keep a player on the field for a day without getting injured...Roll Up Roll Up for the chance of a lifetime...
    Hey your English you must support Aus to do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steds
    We suck.
    Your wrong Steds clearly we're magnificent.
    Do I contradict myself?
    Very well then I contradict myself,
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    Quote Originally Posted by steds
    We suck.
    Crap teeth & bad skin too.

    & don't get me started on our weather....
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    I know its a sarcastic thread like, but....

    Hold up, we might be having a tough time of it, but its no reason to start slagging us off. We've had a ton of injuries for a start, im sure if Australia lost people like Ricky Ponting, Shane Warne (Yeah, australias answer to ash giles ) and a couple of seam bowlers for good measure, they would be in a right old pickle. anyway, one-day cricket was invented for lesbians like pakistan who cant play proper cricket well so they reduce the format dramatically, and change cricket forever. FACT
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