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Thread: Is this true?

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    Is this true?

    I read this story at some other forum since there are many OZ fans here i think they might be able to confirm it, and it says those bowlers were on the fringes of national selection and so I may ask who were those two gentlemen.

    Also a story about Bradman that I read about: In the 1960s, he attended some event at one of the aussie state side's grounds. A couple of young quickies (on the fringe of the national side) asked if they could throw down a few deliveries at him.

    "I haven't picked up a bat in nearly 20 years" replied the Don.

    They convinced him that they'll just throw a few up there - it would be an honour for them.

    So he stood there and hit the ball around for a bit and told them they could bowl a bit quicker if they wanted.

    Within 20 minutes, both were at full pelt and he repeatedly hit them to the boundary. Forget the fact that this was 20 years after his retirement, the most amazing thing about this story was that he was neither wearing pads or gloves!!!

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    Whoa, would be amazing if true.
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    TBH it doesn't sound especially inconceivable to me, but maybe if it's not apocryphal (which it could be) it's probably at least been embellished a bit.

    I'm sure Sean (archie) will love to get his head around this-'un.
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    I would imagine that's true, but I'd very much doubt the assertion that he was wearing neither pads nor gloves is correct.

    Still amazing, though.

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    It wouldn't surprise me if something similar to these did indeed take place, but I think that the whole thing was probably exaggerated a bit.
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    Haven't heard that story, but I know Bradman was given a testimonial game in Sydney in the mid-50s in which he played and that after receiving a rather generous "drop" early in his innings made a pretty impressive hundred. If I'm not mistaken, some test players were in the attack against him as well. I'll have a look and see if I can find the account...
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    Wow! Sound's good.
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    I have not heard this story, and still do not have my books unpacked

    I know that when the Sth Afr. toured in the 1950s their coach Ken Viljoen (spelling) talked the Don into facing their bowlers and he smashed them all around the nets
    You know it makes sense.

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    I've heard similar stories.

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