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Thread: Query to kwi posters

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    Query to kwi posters

    What can you tell me about Jason Donnelly.
    He played for redbacks 2nd xl last year and is tipped to get a redback contract.
    Briefly on cricinfo it said he is from auckland and has been to the NZ academy.
    Anyway he is said to be quite a prospect,shouldn't get a go behind bailey and cullen but who knows,especially if either get the test nod.
    Its weird we have lost aussies to nz but not the other way round,how the hell did this happen,and why australia?

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    Interesting. I think he was in the under-19 world cup squad for 2005/06. He bowled left arm orthodox alongside Roneel Hira who tbh I rate higher

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    Quote Originally Posted by brockley View Post
    Its weird we have lost aussies to nz but not the other way round
    Clarrie Grimmett.

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    Brendan Julian

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    He said "lost" - implying that it was "a loss".
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    Julian went through our junior program to my knowledge he has lived most or all of his life in australia,he played australian under 19's as far as i remember.
    Dunno about grimmett tho.
    Just wonder why donnelly kiwi born and bred would come here,unless his family moved here.
    Anyway he is rated as very promising in the redback ranks and well talked about,wouldn't be surprised if he gets a full contract,if he plays first class cricket he would be the first kiwi since jeff crowe in 77/78.

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