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Thread: Twent20 in 2010 Asian Games held in China

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    Twent20 in 2010 Asian Games held in China

    This is a good thing because it helps getting the awareness of cricket in china little bit more. Plus china and twnety20 will help get cricket in the olympics.

    Twenty20 because cricket isn't included in olympics right now is 'cause even ODI cricket is too long. So twenty20 will be a good thing to be included in the olympics as it's shorter and will get people's attention that doesn't know about cricket.

    But one thing is the packed international cricket calendar, which raises the question do you even what cricket in the olympics? Well it should because it's a good thing and gets cricket more exposure. But with packed international cricket some boards such as BCCI wouldn't want their top players in it. That shouldn't matter though because Baseball in the olympics doesn't get major league players, they get college players. So even if some teams doesn't send full strength line up it shouldn't matter. They should though because it wouldn't be that long. And exposure of cricket to the outside world should be enough to may be scrap one tour(which probably wouldn't even be necessary) .

    Another thing, will be that it might take the gloss of the 20/20 world championship. Now, I don't know what to say about that because on one hand it might but on the other Baseball world classic is still the best. What you guys think?

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    The 2010 Asian Games are to be held in mid-November - I'm guessing that means India will send an A side, rather like a Sevens team. I hope so anyway. Then again, India are pencilled in for a home series with New Zealand, so they might downprioritise that. (Pakistan are playing SA and Sri Lanka playing West Indies)

    As for cricket in the Olympics - well, if England can send a B team it'd probably work. Most other countries aren't playing during August.
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    they are trying to get twenty20 in the 2012 olimpics.

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