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Thread: Players you most want to see live

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    Players you most want to see live

    There have been a number of new-comers recently that have been impressive e.g. Shewag, Bond, Smith.

    Out of all the new talent, which player(s) would you most like to go & see live.
    I'd probably pick Shewag, I would have said Bond but I've already seen him in Melbourne & Hobart.

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    It's 'Sehwag', by the way. Originally people were saying Shewag because they all thought Sehwag was a typo until he publically corrected them. Just a heads-up.

    Out of the new talent, I'd not pick Sehwag because he lok remarkably like Sachin in the way he bats. So I'd say someone like Shane Watson in full flight would be something to see.

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    i am lucky and have seen alot of players live in sydney tests - i love watching Punter, Gilly, Lee, Lara, Martyn, Hayden and Jayasuria
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    Lance Klusener in full swing would be great to watch.
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    I was there when Pollock hit 29 in an over.

    I will never see anything that amazing!

    When Pollock hit his fourth six, I saw it was coming in my direction but it was going to be well short. BUT it kept on coming and coming! I ended up 4m to my left. And I was on the second tier! :rolleyes:


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    I remember when Kent CCC had C.Hooper as their overseas player and in one over he hit 5 6's in a row and when he got back on strike an over later he hit another 6 so i guess it was 6 6's in a row, we went on to post something in the area of 365 for 5 in a 1 day match. It was it was a piece of cricket i will doubt i will ever see again.

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