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Thread: Some Indian Cricket Jokes (very,very good!)

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    Icon14 Some Indian Cricket Jokes (very,very good!)

    Q. What do Dhoni and Michael Jackson have in common?
    A. They both wear gloves for no apparent reason.

    Q. What does harbajan singh put in his hands to make sure the next ball almost always takes a wicket?
    A. A bat.

    Q. What would Glen McGrath be if he was an indian?
    A. An allrounder.

    Q. What is the most proficient form of footwork displayed by indian batsmen?
    A. The walk back to the pavilion.

    Q. Who has the easiest job in the indian squad?
    A. The guy who removes the red ball marks from the bats.

    Q. Why is sachin tendulkar the unluckiest indian player?
    A. Because he was born in india.

    Q. What’s the indian version of LBW?
    A. Lost, Beaten, Walloped.

    Q. Who spends the most time on the 'crease' of anyone in the indian team?
    A. The person who ironed the cricket jerseys

    Q: what is the difference between an indian fielder and a condom?
    A: one drops a catch and other catches a drop

    Q: What did the spectator miss when he went to the toilet?
    A: The entire Indian innings.

    Q: How should the indian coach reshuffle the Indian batting order?
    A: Move Extras up the order

    Q: What is the Indian version of a hat-trick?
    A: 3 runs in 3 balls

    Q: When would Ganguly have 100 runs against his name?
    A: When he is bowling.

    Q: Where do Indian Batsman perfrom there best?
    A: In Advertisments.


    - Shoiab Akhtar admits Ganguly is faster and quicker than him. "I haven't seen any one get out so fast. Man, I envy his speed. I am quick but he is quickest.", he says. "I think I should now cut my run up short when I bowl to him. Or else, he might be gone when I am half way thru my run up."

    - Ganguly to donate all his bats to charity. "I don't require a bat nowadays", said the Indian skipper.

    Once upon a time there was an indian (he was a cricket fan) India was playing a match at wankhede stadium, but on the same day his wife was having a delivery he had no wishes of missing the match so he decided to watch the match and visit his wife later on.

    The match began, two quick wickets fell.the fan was dissappointed and he remembered his wife he picked up the phone and quickly dialed number.

    He wanted to call the hospital but accidently called up the stadium, he asked the man on the other end thinking him to be the doctor "so what's the result?"

    The man replied "It's still in process, two are out nine are left and the last one was a duck!"

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    that llast one is gold

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    Heard them all before, usually about English players.
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    THATS GOLD!!!!

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