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Thread: Michael Di Venuto? Australian opener

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    Michael Di Venuto? Australian opener

    could he do it next year i know he is 33 but he has been in great form
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    I don't think so.
    Well the Irish did it on St Patrick's day

    Rip Fardin Qayyumi, Bob Woolmer and Craig.
    No offence Neil
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    Quote Originally Posted by jemo27 View Post
    could he do it next year i know he is 33 but he has been in great form
    Exactly who would he replace?????

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    The retired Langer I guess?

    I'd go for someone younger myself though.

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    Haha i find that funny tbh.

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    i don't see whats so funny about it (if you're talking about the topic at hand), i'd argue that Di Venuto has been in better form than both Jaques & Rogers this year. He hasn't made the majority of his runs on a WACA road, and he has been great from start to finish, as well as a fine finish last season.

    That said, i'd still go for Jaques or Rogers simply for longevity.
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    I don't really think Michael di Venuto would be much of a long term option, probably only last a couple of years. Jaques or Rogers should give atleast 5 years minimum.
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    I don't think Di Venuto would be selected IMO Rogers would come in for Langer without a shadow of doubt, and if Rogers fails next in the line is Jacques.

    Obviously its better to invest on someone younger so that he can serve Australia for some extra years.

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    Even ignoring the age factor, Di Venuto has a fairly obviously technical flaw which is especially evident when his form isn't at peak, so I'd stay away from his selection. He'd be found out at test level IMO.

    It's not even close to as laughable as luffy is suggesting though.
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    Im sorry.

    I seriously doubt it in any case
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    No. Honestly, not even a sniff. Jaques probably has the lead ahead of Rogers at the moment despite Rogers stellar year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixFire
    Are you insane in the membrane?
    Applies equally here IMO.
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    Di Venuto played ODI's in the mid 90's but I don't think his technique is up to scratch for Tests.

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    More chance of playing for Italy, like his brother, than Australia again
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    Can't wait for the king of starts to get a guernsey.

    TBH, long been a favourite player of mine. Always worth watching (especially in OD cricket).

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