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Thread: Scotlands World Cup preperation lol!!!

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    Scotlands World Cup preperation lol!!!

    Scotlands Preparation for their world cup game against Sri Lanka on the 5th of march is not what you would expect from a professional cricket team.

    Since winning several games in the ICC cup against Kenya and Canada, Scotland have decided not to change anything that has led to them being on a roll.

    The Scottish team arrive at Barbados on the 4th of March in anticipation for their game against Sri Lanka which is on the next day. Numerous players winge at getting hear so early because it is Scottish tradition to arrive in the city by plane adleast an hour before the game.

    Craig Phillips like any good captain should do escorts his teammates to the local Barbados bar so they can discuss their tactics that they will employ against Sri Lanka. First he buys his team a round. Then starts talking about Jayasuriya. By the time Craig stops talking about Jayasuriya because of his bad stutter his team have had 12 rounds between them.

    Then his team head back off to the hotel not on a team bus. But through the traditional way of hitchiking. Numerous players don't make it back to the team hotel. The players wake up the next morning and Craig encourages his team mates to have a beer because it is the best thing that gets rid of a hangover. After a seven course meal with all the Scottish players having a bloated stomach and a shocking hangover they catch a local bus to the ground.

    Before they know it, well some players are still that drunk they don't know there on the field. After Sri Lanka's innings of batting first they have posted 450 runs. The team make it back to the changerooms, by that time their hangovers have all worn off. And numerous players admit their amazement at never having seen these change rooms before even though they sat in them for a good hour before taking the field. Craig being a good team captain asks his players "what happened out there, why are they so good". "Is there a reason why we are getting beaten so badly?". One of his players asks "beaten at what (still intoxicated he didn't know he had been fielding or even playing cricket for the past four hours). Then Sean Timber replies "the only thing i can put it down to is the new technology they have".


    It is my website. Guys. Some people thought i was just copyrighting thats why i said that.

    did u guys like it???????feedback??? lol scottish close to irish

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    Everyone wants to change the world, noone wants to change himself.


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    I think the identities of the two people who posted "" in response to this says it all, TBH.

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    Exactly, well summed up.
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    Romance can be dealt with elsewhere - I just don't enjoy it in cricket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barney Rubble View Post
    I think the identities of the two people who posted "" in response to this says it all, TBH.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    Good luck at the hospital.
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    Fraz is always the best option IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComedyCricket View Post
    is Scottish tradition to arrive in the city by plane [bold]adleast[/bold] an hour before the game.

    Thought it was a typo initially, but it's all over ur site.

    It's AT LEAST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    I think it's really disappointing of her - would only take a minute or two of her time....
    Quote Originally Posted by luffy View Post
    Wishful thinking on your behalf.

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    Who is this "Craig Phillips"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steds View Post
    Who is this "Craig Phillips"?
    I don't know.Craig Wright is the Scotland captain
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    Sorry, but I don't see how this is funny .

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    Comedy Cricket, why dont your forcefully shove something up your arse and stop posting. You're not funny, dude.
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