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Thread: "Cricketers Turned Street Fighters"

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    "Cricketers Turned Street Fighters"

    (1). Andre Nel. A big guy who is scary on the field. I'd hate to see what he is like off it. His full bloodied temper would serve peace for around half a second if a keffufle broke out on the street.

    (2). Andrew Symonds. An outback aussie who eats raw red meat and catches wil boars and poisonious snakes with his hands. Has never lost a fight and nor will he. His tanned skin would give him a camouflage feature in a dark alley which makes him even more intimidating and hard to hit. (3). Andrew Flintoff. Has done boxing training for over 5 years. His idol and one of his best friends is Ricky Hatton. He was recently quoted saying "he could take down three Australian's if a fight broke out on the field". Im not rating him any higher because he seems to be the nicest and most whole hearted player in world cricket.

    (4). Shane Bond. Apparently back in New Zealand he use to act as the local cop in his home city. Instead of the cops catching the criminals Bond use to get joy out of getting rough with people who could defend themselves. If they got away im sure he could send down some thunderbolts that would stop them in their paths.

    (5). Shahid Afridi. He is an absolute nut with the bat on and off the field. As seen by him trying to hit sixes off his first ball at the crease and by hitting a spectator in the head with his bat recently in South Africa. He is a small guy but built like a house and surely has to rate up there.

    (6). Inzamam Ul Haq. He once hit a guy in the crowd with a stump who called him a "potato". Although that is an accurate thing to call inzy he is a heavyweight and has a chin like a rock. Thus he has to be up there but his fitness worries me. Im sure he wouldn't win if the fight went on for longer than ten seconds. But big inzy could finish them before the ten seconds i spose. Just not in this category.

    (6). Andre Adams. Born in Jamaica and playing for New Zealand. He was known to be a top streetfighter back in the day in Christchurch. And his arm's are close to WMD's.

    (7). Mark Boucher. He is gritty and has a comptetive heart of a lion. He wouldn't stop until he has used his last breathe. Thus, i wouldn't want to run into him and he sure makes our top ten.

    (8). Shane Keith Warne. Although he's not much of a street fighter. He sure is connected. And with his text speed he would be able to work up a crowd and his opponent would be fighting an army bigger than that of the USA withing minutes.

    (9). Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Use to be an old bus driver. Apparently no one rode without a ticket while he was driving the bus. His cricket shots have a whiplash effect after contact is made and im sure his punches would to.

    (10). Ian Bell. Only joking. In fact im sure some female tennis players would beat Ian Bell in a fight. But he is a great batsmen with special talent.

    The rest can be found at http://www.*************/cricketfighters.html

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