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Thread: Fair Play England!!!

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    Fair Play England!!!

    Well every cloud has a sliver lining, after the Ashes Rubbish we have a one day side that can actually compete, i love beating the Aussies and it great to win the Series against them for a change. I said many times on here about Duncan Fletcher has got to get sacked, but i am willing to give him one more chance and hopefully a very good World cup performance will secure his future

    It great to see Loye, Nixon,Joyce and Plunkett come from the cold and County criocket and performing well,

    What a catch by Dalriplyle pure class, with KP in the team we could go far in this World cup we WONT win it though

    But this is a lot better and for once you can feel proud this winter.

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    Nice for England to win (for both players and fans) and sure Im happy. But at the end of the day its ODIs and really who cares? Will be forgotten in 3 months

    I know people will disagree with me on this but to me the biggest reason for this turn around has been the introduction of Loye. England have always (recently) been by far the slowest in the first 15-20 overs and the oppostition have been able to dictate play and place their own emphasis on the England innings.

    Loye may not have scored a boatload of runs but he prevented this typical early innings oppostion domination and asked questions of the opponents. It completely breaks things up and never allows them to settle.

    His batting adds a swagger and aggression to the team (together with the rough Nixon) that had previously been lacking.
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    ... and NZ competely buggered-up a straightforward run-chase and we got an impossibly vital toss won.

    I'm not holding my breath for a long-term ODI revival. This three-match-streak was pretty extraordinary, certainly in that it was inspired almost exclusively by two people (Collingwood and Flintoff), but when a side still includes the likes of Liam Plunkett and Strauss, well... it can't go on forever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chris.hinton View Post
    It great to see Loye, Nixon,Joyce and Plunkett come from the cold and County criocket and performing well,
    Loye performing well?

    Must have missed that one.
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    Well done to England. They took advantage of the Australian bowling attack being sub-par for the majority and turned it into results. Some good (albeit expensive) swing bowling from Plunkett early on and some fiery stuff from Flintoff won them that game last night. Rain breaks probably didn't help Australia but it can hardly be blamed.

    Fairplay anyway, especially with all the injuries and having to carry **** ODI players like Strauss and Loye.


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    Simon Barnes wrote this about a week ago re: the one day series and the Ashes:

    The England cricket team are in the position of a person who charges back into a burning house to rescue the baby and comes out with the cat. It’s a nice cat, and you are fond of it, but it’s not exactly what you went in for. Still, there’s not much you can do except stroke it.
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    Loye gotta bat at number 6 for my liking ,.
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    Good luck at the hospital.
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    I don't think he's ever batted that low, he's a natural at three or four.

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